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The challenges of LEGO® sticker gluing

Gluing LEGO® stickers can sometimes be a tricky business that takes the fun out of building. Here are some of the most common difficulties you might encounter:

1. precision is key

Placing stickers with millimeter precision requires a steady hand and a careful approach. A small mistake can affect the overall appearance of the model.

2. peeling and wrinkling

Once placed incorrectly, a LEGO® sticker can be difficult to correct. The risk of bubbling, wrinkling or even peeling of the sticker increases, which can lead to a frustrating experience.

3. loss of detail

Fine details in LEGO® sticker designs may be lost in the application process. Small lettering or intricate patterns can be difficult to place accurately and tend to lose sharpness.

4. durability over time

Over time, LEGO® stickers can become damaged through wear and tear and regular handling. As a result, the model will not look as pristine as it did at the beginning.

5. limited customization options

Once applied, a sticker is difficult to remove and reapply. This limits the customization options and makes it difficult to change the LEGO® model according to your own ideas.

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