Experience the magic of customization. We bring your vision to the bricks!

Create memories that will last a lifetime - with unique Lego custom prints from Steindrucker.

We are experts in engraving and printing Lego bricks and Lego minifigures. Whether for personal gifts or business occasions, we customize Lego bricks with your name, inscriptions, symbols or graphics. Our service ranges from single pieces to larger quantities for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, school commencements, marketing and much more. We only use new stones and the engraving or printing service is already included in our price. Discover the world of personalized Lego customization with the team from Steindrucker.

Circular printing
Business cards
that don't end up in the trash!
everything for the wedding
Now new
Laser embossing

We can now emboss gold or shiny silver on bricks and figures

It will still take some time until we have translated all item descriptions

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